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Your Research Profile

Learn more about promoting your research online

What is a research profile?

A research profile is any internet-based, individual profile that is used to showcase your work. There are several options available, and you can find out more about the most common research profiles by browsing the tabs in the left-hand sidebar.

Researchers should ideally have two or three research profiles. We recommend that you start with these three profile types:

  1. An institutional/university profile (for TCD staff, this is your Research Support System profile)
  2. An ORCID profile
  3. A bibliometric/impact profile (e.g. a Google Scholar, Scopus, or Web of Science profile)

You can set up as many research profiles as you like, but it's important that you keep your profiles up-to-date. Here are some tips for maintaining your profiles:

  • Link your profiles to each other where possible
  • Set up your profiles to be automatically updated whenever possible
  • Check your profiles regularly and update your information and publications
  • Include your profiles on your webpages, business cards, and email signatures

Why do I need a research profile?

Having your own unique research profile:

  • Showcases your work to the world
  • Keeps track of your publications list
  • Helps potential collaborators to identify you
  • Distinguishes you from other researchers with the same name
  • Lets you track citation counts and other metrics
  • Allows you to easily provide information about your work to your institution, funders, publishers, and colleagues

Having an up-to-date and well-maintained research profile is essential for promoting yourself and your work, and will help you to both expand your network and increase your research impact.