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If you are concerned that there is too much information provided with the resources you are adding to your reading lists, please be aware that you can remove any of the fields you don't want your students to see. You can do so when you add a resource to one of your reading lists via the bookmark button. Simply delete any of the fields before clicking Create & Add to List.


You could also consider providing incomplete lists and asking students to recommend other relevant material. Alternatively, you could create lists containing only the title and have students populate it themselves.


To collaborate with your students and ask them to populate a reading list:

  1. Go to My Lists and Create new list. This will be your list ‘shell’.
  2. In the edit interface, add sections and sub-sections to give your list structure. You can also add a description or instructions for your students.
  3. Go to My Lists, open your list and select Invite list publishers from the Edit drop-down menu on the top right-hand side of the screen. You can invite either a single student or group of students to add their own resources to the reading list, by typing in their email addresses.


  • A good example of using this pedagogical tool to interact with students is that from the University of Liverpool. The outcome was that the resources they used doubled as opposed to when they didn’t have online reading lists.
  • For more, see here.