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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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  • Locate the resource you want to bookmark. The first place you should look in is Stella Search (the university library catalogue). If you cannot find it here, you can search other databases. Resources can be in the format of books, e-books, journal articles, from the library catalogue, items from other databases, including books from Amazon, blog posts, web pages, and videos (YouTube, etc).
  • Click on Add to My Bookmarks on your favourites toolbar.
  • Check that the metadata is correct.
  • Click Create & Add to List - this gives you the option to add the resource to any of your existing reading lists.
  • Add notes to your students for this particular resource using the Note for student field.
  • Select the importance of the resource (essential, recommended or optional
  • Add a note to library staff using the Note to library field. Useful information to forward includes:
    • Whether the text is new, an updated edition, or requiring more copies
    • Title, author, edition, publisher, ISBN, and price in euro or pounds
    • Name of course
    • Number of students
    • Status of students (undergraduate/postgraduate)
    • Number of copies required
  • Click OK - the resource record is now added both to your selected reading list and to your bookmarks folder.