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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Trinity LibTech Research Showcase 2019

An archive of the research presented at the Trinity LibTech Research Showcase, held as part of the 2019 LIBER Conference

Lucy McKenna - NAISC: A Linked Data Interlinking Approach for the Library Domain

The Novel Authoritative Interlinking of Schema and Concepts, or NAISC, approach describes an interlinking framework, provenance model and graphical user-interface that has been designed with the needs and expertise of information professionals in mind. The aim of NAISC is to facilitate information professionals to engage in the process of Linked Data interlinking with greater ease, efficiency, and efficacy.

The purpose of LD interlinks are to enhance the knowledge associated with a specific Thing, or entity, such as a person, place, concept or object. These links have the potential to transform the Web into a globally interlinked and searchable database rather than a disparate collection of documents. Datasets that are rich in interlinks allow for improved information discoverability, with users being guided to a wealth of related information from a single data search.

About the Speaker

Lucy is a PhD student in the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin. Her research is in the area of Linked Data for libraries, with a particular focus on engaging information professionals in the process of interlinking Linked Data entities. Lucy received a Masters in Library and Information Studies from UCD in 2015.