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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Trinity LibTech Research Showcase 2019

An archive of the research presented at the Trinity LibTech Research Showcase, held as part of the 2019 LIBER Conference

Kieran Fraser and Bilal Yousuf - Push-Notifications and Visual User Control: Scrutable, Persuasive & Personalised

Communications between libraries of the future and their users, aspire to be increasingly intelligent, contextually relevant and empathetic toward users cognitive state. One such tool for empowering such smart communications are push-notifications. 

This work explores how push-notification delivery and transparency can be improved through the extraction of persuasive features. A method of generating personalised notifications derived from user data is proposed and the results show how engagements with these generated notifications can increase the Click Through Rate. 

Libraries can leverage these methods to nudge users when a library resource becomes contextually relevant to a user based on features such as: the user's current interests, activity, job, previous library engagements etc. 
This would enlighten users to resources which could help them in their current state while also actively promoting further engagement with the library and the valuable resources it holds.

About the Speakers

Kieran is currently undertaking a PhD in Computer Science at the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin. His research is in the field of Personalisation and current work includes Mobile Notification Management through Ubiquitous Data Modeling and Context-aware computing. 

Bilal is a post-doctoral research fellow at the ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin. His research focuses on the area of visual presentation and exploration of data in Online Learning Environments, visual narratives and personalisation. Bilal’s PhD thesis focused on the generation of explorable visual narratives and their presentation.