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Electronic Legal Deposit

How to identify UK electronic Legal Deposit material

UK eLD items can be identified in Stella Search as follows:

  • In the case of e-books, by the phrase: Available on Library reading room PCs only. Click here for access

  • And in the case of e-journals, by the appearance of a button stating: UK eLD (Library PCs only)

Where in the Library can I access UK eLD material?

You can access UK electronic Legal Deposit on any reading room PC. For more information on the location of PCs please see our Computers and Wi-Fi webpage.

UK eLD material can also be accessed on Library laptops, for loan in the BLU Complex.

Can I view UK eLD content on my own laptop or at home?

No, UK eLD content can only be viewed within the Library (or within one of the other Legal Deposit Libraries) on Library devices (e.g. PCs or laptops for loan).

I want to view a book/article but I am told it is already in use

Only one person can view each item at a time. There is no time limit set (within a day) for how long an item can be consulted. Once the person using an item has finished with it and closes it down, it will become available for another reader.