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Electronic Legal Deposit

What is UK Electronic Legal Deposit?

Electronic Legal Deposit items are materials that the Library has received under Legal Deposit Legislation. This legislation entitles the Library to a copy of every item published in the UK.

This material is not the same as commercially available digital material. Access is subject to a number of important restrictions:

  • UK eLD materials can only be viewed on Library premises using Library devices (e.g. PCs and laptops);
  • Only one person can view each item at a time;
  • Digital copying is not permitted under current legislation. You cannot copy and paste, take a screenshot, download or scan material. 

How can I find UK eLD content?

UK eLD items can be identified in Stella Search as follows:

  • In the case of e-books, by the phrase: Available on Library reading room PCs only. Click here for access

  • And in the case of e-journals, by the appearance of a button stating: UK eLD (Library PCs only)