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Rollover Process

Dear Colleague,

We are “rolling over” all published 2019-20 reading lists on MyReadingList@TCD to 2020-21, ready for the next academic session. Rollover will take place on Monday 8th June.

Rollover is the annual process of copying published reading lists to the next academic year.

What do you need to do before rollover?

Please publish any unpublished edits to your 2019-20 lists before 8th June.

If you have unpublished lists in Draft form that you wish to use in 2020-21 then you must publish them before 8th June. Lists in Draft form will not be saved for use in the 2020-21.

Please do not edit any reading lists on 8th June.  We will email you when rollover has happened with further details of what you can do with your new lists. 

What happens during rollover?

All published 2019-20 reading lists will have a new reading list created for 2020-21.

Unpublished changes on 2019-20 lists will not be copied to your new 2020-21 lists – you must publish any changes before 8th June

What happens after rollover?

You can edit and re-publish any existing lists. You can also create and publish new lists.

Reading lists from 2019-20 will remain published and accessible. 

To find out more about the rollover process visit our help pages .

You can also contact your Subject Librarian with any queries.