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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Plan your Library visit: The basics

Latest updates

Ussher Library Basement Stock Relocation Project

The Library has commenced a stock relocation project in the Ussher Library basement as part of the enabling works for the Old Library Redevelopment Project. This will involve temporary restrictions on access to selected collections. For more details please see this page.


**Please only visit the Library if absolutely necessary**

Face coverings and pre-booking required for all Library spaces. Booking confirmation emails must be presented to security to gain access to campus and to Library stewards to gain access to Library spaces. Strict adherence to social distancing guidelines is essential.

Booking confirmation emails are also required for Click and Collect pick-ups and book returns. You will not be permitted access to campus or the Library if you have not placed a booking on the Library booking system.


We need your help - please return your books!

There are currently a large amount of books on loan, some for well over a year. To help the Library prepare for the new academic year, we are asking that you make every effort to return books you no longer need as soon as possible, ideally before the summer break. There are two main return options:


Library services during the summer period

  • Click and Collect will revert to storage material only. Open shelf materials will be available for self-service borrowing (or via the Postal Delivery service);

  • The Subject Librarian team is available for virtual consultations and electronic resources continue to be accessible remotely;

  • Book returns options are outlined here. Please make every effort to return borrowed material as soon as possible to ensure that Library collections are in good order for the start of the 2021/22 academic year;

  • Inter Library Loans for print and electronic materials remain available, but due to ongoing and variable restrictions in lending libraries, turnaround times cannot be guaranteed.

What you should do ahead of your visit

Book a seat or a 'Click and Collect or Book return' slot

  • Bookings available via the Library homepage or directly via the booking system itself;
  • Bookings are mandatory to gain access to both campus and the Library; please present your booking confirmation email at campus entrances (Nassau Street or Lincoln Place) and at Library entrances.

Place your 'Click and Collect' requests ahead of time

  • If you need to place a Click and Collect request for an item from storage, bear in mind that it may take a number of days for the item to be retrieved and made ready for collection. 
  • Wait to receive the email notification that your item is available to be collected before booking a slot to enter the Library. You will have 6 days to collect your books once they arrive in from storage.

Make sure you have funds in your T-Card and Datapac Printing accounts

  • If you intend to do any printing or scanning on the MFDs (multi functional devices), make sure you have topped up your Datapac print account ahead of time. You can also top-up your Datapac account in the Library by using one of the T-Card Fundshuffle devices in the Berkeley, Hamilton and John Stearne libraries

An overview of the Library booking system

Library booking system updates

Have you stopped receiving confirmation emails?

The TCD student email system offers an option to unsubscribe from a sender. If this option is selected in emails from the Library Booking System, you will no longer receive booking confirmation emails, which are required for access to campus, to the Library, and also contain your check-in code. If you have stopped receiving confirmation emails, you may have unsubscribed. Please contact to have them reinstated. Please note that this may take several days. 

Back-to-back bookings no longer permitted on the same floor

From Monday 22nd February, 2021, the Library booking system will prevent back-to-back bookings on the same floor to minimise the risk of readers spending more than two hours in the same space and thereby potentially being considered close contacts should contact tracing be required. Readers will therefore be limited to 1 hour 45 minutes at each seat and must then move to another floor or building is they wish to continue to study. It is strongly advised that readers take a 15 minute break for fresh air between each booking slot. Multiple bookings are still possible each day, up to a limit of 40 hours over the course of a calendar week. It is important that readers check-in for each booked slot (it is not sufficient to only check-in for your first slot). Failure to check-in will result in the slot being freed up for others to book.


You should only place bookings for your own use. It is not permitted to place bookings on other people’s behalf or share your booking details with other readers.


Play your part to ensure the smooth and safe running of the booking system.

Only book a seat if you really need it and intend to use it. Cancel your booking if you no longer need it. Please don’t sit at a vacant seat if you have not booked it and do not move chairs from their designated positions. 


An Overview of the Library Booking System

As part of a package of measures to ensure compliance with COVID-19 guidelines, readers must book in advance to gain access to campus and to Library spaces.

To book a visit, please use the 'book a visit' link on the Library homepage or go straight to the booking system via this direct link.

Key features of the booking system

  • Bookings can be placed up to 5 days in advance
  • There is a limit of 40 hours of bookable space per person per week
  • You must use your Trinity email address to place bookings
  • You will receive an email confirming the details of your booking. If you choose to book a seat, the email will also include:
    • a check-in code to confirm your booking and take possession of your seat. Failure to check-in will result in the booking being forfeited.
    • a link to 3D Library floorplans to help you locate your seat  
    • a cancellation link if you no longer need the seat
  • To gain entry to campus and to Library spaces and Click and Collect collection points, you must present your booking confirmation email. You will also need your student ID card or Trinity Live app.

Booking options in more detail

Seat bookings

  • Minimum bookable is 15 minutes
  • The maximum duration of an individual booking is 1 hour 45 minutes. If you need more time in the Library you will need to place additional bookings.
  • All seats have power sockets unless otherwise indicated.
  • When you place your seat booking, you will receive an email confirming the relevant details (e.g. seat location, date, time etc.). This email will also include a check-in code and a link to a check-in page. To check-in and take possession of your seat, you will need to follow the link and input the code.
  • Check-ins are possible no earlier than 30 minutes before your slot begins and no later than 15 minutes into the first hour of your booking. If you fail to check-in during this 45-minute window, you will forfeit your booking and the seat will become available for others to book.

'Click and Collect' & Book return bookings

  • These are designed for short visits pick-up a Click and Collect book or return borrowed material.
  • The minimum bookable slot is 15 minutes.
  • Back to back bookings are not permitted

Enforcement of booking system

  • Library stewards are stationed at Library entrances to verify bookings. Please have your confirmation email ready for inspection to avoid unnecessary delays.
  • Library stewards will also be present inside reading rooms to perform occasional spot-checks and to ensure that seats remain in their correct socially distanced positions.

Who is eligible to use the booking system?

The booking system is currently only available for registered staff and students of Trinity College Dublin. Until further notice, we will not be in a position to facilitate physical access to reading rooms for visiting readers. This includes alumni, Music PAL card holders, staff & students of other universities, and members of the public.

What to bring with you when visiting the Library

  • Make sure to bring a face covering and wear it throughout your visit to the Library. It’s a good idea to have one or two spare coverings if you intend to study for a few hours

  • Bring your TCD Student ID card to the Library. There are many services you will not be able to use if you don’t bring your ID card! For example, you will not be able to:
    • Collect storage books from the service counters
    • Borrow books on the self-issue machines
    • Pay fines at the self-service fine payment terminals (located near the counters in each Library)
    • Top up your T-Card account and ‘shuffle’ funds from your T-Card account to your Datapac print account on the FundShuffle kiosks

  • If you lose or forget your physical ID card, you can use the ID in the Trinity Live App to gain access to the Library. But please bear in mind that the Trinity Live App cannot be used to avail of the services listed above

  • Have a copy of your booking confirmation email ready on your phone. You will need to show this to the Library Guards to gain entry. A picture or printout of the confirmation is also acceptable

  • If you intend to study in the Library, it’s a good idea to bring some water in a non-spill container. Food and hot drinks are not permitted

COVID-19 Safety Measures in the Library

To ensure the safety of all staff and readers, please note the following:

  • Readers must wear face coverings in all Library spaces for the full duration of their visit.
  • There is a 'keep right' policy in most Library spaces. Where readers must keep to the left, signage will make this clear
  • Readers are required to maintain 2 metre social distancing at all times and in all spaces. We also ask that readers do not move chairs around. They have been carefully placed to maximise your safety and their locations have been recorded on our 3D Floorplan system
  • The Library provides hand sanitiser and spray for cleaning study spaces at key locations throughout the reading rooms. Please wipe on and wipe off before and after you use a study desk or PC
  • Readers should feel free to browse and use books from the open shelves. When finished with a book, it should be placed on the nearest available trolley. Books should *not* be re-shelved - Library staff will take care of this
  • When leaving the building, please ensure that all books are removed from your study desk and placed on trolleys. This will make the job of cleaning the reading rooms easier and safer for Housekeeping staff

Book return options

There are three main options for returning books, depending on your circumstances:

  1. If you are able to visit campus, you can return your books via any of the following book drops (pre-booking required):
    • Berkeley Library (9:30am-5pm, Monday to Friday)
    • Kinsella Hall (9.30am-10pm, Monday to Friday; 8am-10pm, weekends)
    • Hamilton Library (9.30am-5pm, Monday to Friday)
    • John Stearne Medical Library (9.30am-4pm, Monday to Friday)

Books returned via book drops go through a 72-hour quarantine period so will not come off your account immediately.  

  1. You can also return books via the self-services kiosks in the BLU Complex, Hamilton and John Stearne Medical libraries. Items returned via the kiosks come off your account straightaway.

  1. If you are not in a position to visit campus, you can avail of our free postal return scheme, which we provide in collaboration with An Post. For further details, and to place requests, please follow this link.

For students who have already completed their studies but who still have books out on loan, you can avail of the free postal return scheme. For further details, and to place requests, please follow this link.

Click and Collect

IMPORTANT: Pre-booking is required to enter campus and collect your books. You can do so from the Library booking system:

  1. Berkeley Library collections (11am-3pm, Mon-Fri): book here
  2. Hamilton Library collections (11am-3pm, Mon-Fri): book here


The Click and Collect service can be used to request materials from storage and is open to all registered staff and students. Requests are placed in Stella Search by clicking the "Click and Collect" button in the item record and selecting your preferred collection point:

  1. Berkeley Library (ground floor): 11am-3pm, Monday to Friday
  2. Hamilton Library: 11am-3pm, Monday to Friday

When your item is available for collection, you will receive an e-mail notification. You will have 6 days to collect your books.


Postal delivery service

The Library provides a book postal delivery service for staff and students in the Republic of Ireland who are not able to visit campus. The service is limited to borrowable materials and is free of charge. For non-borrowable materials we recommend using the Scan on Demand service.

How does the book delivery service work?

  • Requests must be placed via this online form
  • You can place up to 5 requests at any one time (assuming your account is in good standing). Additional requests may be placed once previous ones have been posted out
  • Library staff will retrieve the requested materials, issue them on to your Library account and post them out to your preferred address
  • Normal borrowing limits apply. If you hit your limit, you will need to return some books before you can place further requests

Who can avail of the service?

Registered staff and students of Trinity College Dublin.

Scan on demand service

The Library provides a scan on demand service for registered staff and students to enable requests for scanned copies of print book chapters and journal articles. Scan on demand is designed to support readers who cannot physically make it to the Library and who may require materials not within the scope of the Click & Collect and  Postal Delivery services. As such, scan on demand is primarily for periodical and other reference materials. Requests can take up to two weeks to be fulfilled.

The scan on demand service is free of charge. Please note that it can often take a week or more to fulfil requests due to delivery schedules from off-site storage and staff capacity.   

How does the scan on demand service work?

  • Requests must be placed via the scan on demand online form
  • You will need to accept a copyright declaration as part of the request process. In summary, scanned items are for individual research use only, and may not be shared, distributed, or posted elsewhere online
  • If you are a lecturer and wish to request a scan of a print book chapter or journal article for uploading to BlackBoard, please flag that the request is for a class and not for personal use in the comments box in the online form
  • You can place up to 5 requests at any one time, but each request will be processed in turn
  • Library staff will create scanned copies of requested book chapters and journal articles in compliance with copyright legislation
  • The files will be made available for download from OneDrive via a unique link. The files will remain available for download for a period of 7 days, with an extended grace period of 28 days if the file is accidentally deleted. Contact if this issue arises. Scans of items held in Early Printed Books will be e-mailed directly to the requestor
  • Orders for Manuscripts and Archives material can be made by contacting

Who can avail of the scan on demand service?

The service is available to registered TCD staff and postgraduates, but we will consider urgent requests on a case-by-case basis from undergraduate students if capacity allows. We are not in a position to accept requests from external/visiting readers.

What materials can be requested?

Due to copyright legislation, requests are limited to book chapters and journal articles. We cannot fulfil requests for scanned copies of entire books or journal issues etc. Orders for material from holdings in Early Printed Books & Special Collections outside copyright restrictions will be considered on a case by case basis.

Manuscripts & Archives material is also available for scan on demand on a case by case basis; for further information and to place an order, please contact

If you have any questions, please contact us at, or as appropriate.