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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Plan your Library visit: The basics

Latest updates (reviewed 04/01/2022)

The Library is open to all current staff and students

For full details on opening hours please check the website. There is no access for external readers until further notice.

Please remain vigilant and ensure that all safety protocols are followed. Face coverings are mandatory and must be worn throughout your visit in the Library. Stewards will continue to monitor compliance.

Please note: at the request of the Graduate Students’ Union, a booking system is in operation in the 1937 Postgraduate Reading Room

Normal borrowing rules apply. Please return your books on time!

To deal with the challenges posed by the pandemic, especially in relation to physical access, the Library extended loan due dates a number of times over the last year or so. This approach is now being phased out and standard borrowing rules apply again. This means that if your book goes overdue, you must return it to avoid your account being blocked or fines accruing. Please respect the needs of others and return your books on time. The notices sent from the Library system will make it clear when loans needs to be returned and you can also check the status of loans via your Library account.

COVID-19 Safety Measures in the Library

To ensure the safety of all staff and readers, the following measures will remain in place until further notice:

  • Readers must wear face coverings in all Library spaces for the full duration of their visit.

    Note: there are a small number of students and staff who are exempt from wearing a face covering on health grounds. In such cases the Disability Service have issued exemption badges to students and staff who are unable to wear face coverings. This exemption badge states ‘I am exempt from wearing a face covering’ to verify that they are not wearing a face covering on health grounds. In such cases students must wear visors in place of face coverings. Visors are provided by the Disability Service upon request. For further details on the exemption process email

  • The Library provides hand sanitiser and spray for cleaning study spaces at key locations throughout the reading rooms. Please wipe on and wipe off before and after you use a study desk or PC
  • Readers should feel free to browse and use books from the open shelves. When finished with a book, it should be placed on the nearest available trolley. Books should *not* be re-shelved - Library staff will take care of this
  • To return a book, please use the self-issue kiosks or book drops. Staff have been instructed not to accept returns at the service counters.
  • If you wish to view a consultation-only item again the following day, please return it via a self-issue kiosk or book drop and then place a request for it on the Library catalogue, Stella Search (you may need to wait a few hours for the book to become visible again on the catalogue for request).
  • When leaving the building, please ensure that all books are removed from your study desk and placed on trolleys. This will make the job of cleaning the reading rooms easier and safer for Housekeeping staff

Book a seat in the 1937 Reading Room

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