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British Library cyber-attack: Home

A cyber-attack on the British Library (BL) means that our "electronic Legal Deposit (UK)" items, which are normally available on our reading room PCs and borrowable Library laptops, are currently unavailable. Additionally, UK theses normally accessed through the EThOS system cannot be viewed.

The outage has been affecting the BL website, online systems and services, and includes electronic Legal Deposit since late 2023.

The British Library by Roger Davies

The British Library - image by Roger Davies

BL updates and contacts

Regularly check the British Library blog and their X feed @britishlibrary for updates on the current status of their services. You can contact the BL via X or emailing (be prepared for delay to responses).

Finding alternative copies of books and articles

Clinical Speech & Language Studies

lingbuzz - archive of linguistics articles (

Cochrane Reviews | Cochrane Library


Home | Classic Irish Plays


EdTech Books

Teaching Commons | Open Educational Resources

Resource Search - National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Lumen's Catalog Page | Pressbooks (



lingbuzz - archive of linguistics articles (

Russian & Slavonic Studies

BEK | Elektroničke knjige (

Početna stranica - Portal znanja (

Hrčak portal hrvatskih znanstvenih i stručnih časopisa - Hrčak (

Home (

Useful Polish Links - Russian & Slavonic Studies - Trinity College Dublin (


Advanced Business Law and the Legal Environment.

Business Law I Essentials.

European Citizenship after Brexit.

Ethics in Law Enforcement.

Foundations of Business Law and Legal Environment.

Fundamentals of Business Law.

GLobal Corruption.

Introduction to Criminal Investigation.

OSCOLA Citation Guide.

Social Science

Introduction to Case Notes for New Social Workers.

Issues Around Aligning Theory, Research and Practice in Social Work Education.

Open Textbooks for Social Work (Go to “Education” and then “Adopt an Open Textbook” to access).

Research Methods for the Social Sciences (Lumen).

Scientific Inquiry in Social Work.

Situating Children of Migrants across Borders and Origins.

Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices.

Social Science Research: Principles, Methods and Practices (Revised Edition).

Statistics for the Social Sciences (Lumen).


Introduction to Sociology.

Introduction to Sociology: 2nd Canadian Edition.

Introduction to Sociology (Course)


Abnormal Psychology Course (OER Commons).

Discover Psychology 2.0.

Cyber Psychology.

Introduction to Community Psychology.

Introduction to Psychology.

Psychology as a Social Science.

Psychology (Merlot).

Psychology (Noba Project).

Anatomy & Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology 2e - 2e - Open Textbook Library (

Human Anatomy and Physiology Preparatory Course - Open Textbook Library (

The Head and Neck Bones: Anatomy and 3D Illustrations (


Advanced Anatomy Head and Neck.

Bacteria and Chronic Infections – Oral Biofilm (Short lecture video 10:05) from University of Copenhagen.

Dentistry (Merlot).

Dentistry Environment Essentials.

Histology and Embryology for Dental Hygiene.

Interface Oral Health Science 2016.

Introduction to Dental Terminology.

Oral Radiographic Differential Diagnosis.

Restorative Mastery for the Dental Hygienist.


Directory of Open Access Books


National Library of Medicine Bookshelf

Fast Facts | Karger Publishers

Building a Medical Terminology Foundation – Simple Book Publishing (

B.C. Open Collection | BCcampus

Undergraduate Diagnostic Imaging Fundamentals - Open Textbook Library (

Vital Sign Measurement Across the Lifespan – 2nd Canadian Edition – Simple Book Publishing (


Aging Well: Solutions to the Most Pressing Global Challenges of Aging | SpringerLink

Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health Professions (Athabasca University Press) (

Field Trials of Health Interventions, 3rd edition (

Health icons

Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: Your Patients Are Waiting | SpringerLink

Introduction to Communication in Nursing – Open Textbook (


Immunology (Merlot).

Our readers can obviously double-check Stella Search for alternative copies, but may also want to consider HathiTrust or for older and out-of-copyright material.

If you are looking for a book and no print or other e-book version is available, contact your Subject Librarian for assistance with sourcing alternative content options; we may be able to purchase an e-book copy, for example, or show you how to request an Inter-Library Loan.

If you are looking for a specific article and we don't seem to have the journal via a subscription, again, contact your Subject Librarian for help.

Although the British Library catalogue is not available, you can still check for British Library published material in Library Hub Discover. This resource is a database of 204 UK and Irish academic, national & specialist library catalogues. If you want to easily find a copy in another library in the UK or Ireland, then make friends with Library Hub Discover!

Single Search box of Library Hub Discover with a brief description of its purpose: giving access to detials of materials held in many UK national, academic and specialist libraries. It currently contains 51,612,322 records contributed by 204 institutions.

Web Archives

The UK Web Archive blog remains publicly available and is a useful source of information about the archive. Although the UK Web Archive is not currently available, the information pages have been preserved by the Internet Archive.

Other openly accessible web archives

"Memento Time Travel" refers to a concept and technology allowing users to view archived websites in openly accessible web archives that have implemented the Memento protocol, a standardized approach for querying different web archives to access past versions of web resources. It links to web archives including the Internet Archive, Archive-It, UK Web Archive,, GitHub and others. The TimeTravel service only displays links of Mementos to publicly accessible web archives, it does not own or store the content.

Portuguese Web Archive is an openly accessible web archive developed by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT). It aims to preserve and provide access to the Portuguese web domain and its contents.

UK Government Web Archive is an openly accessible archive which preserves and makes available UK central government information published on the web. The Web Archive includes videos, tweets, images and websites dating from 1996 to the present day.

UK Parliament Web Archive is an openly accessible web archive covering parliamentary websites and social media, from 2009 to present day.

National Records of Scotland Web Archive is an openly accessible web archive. Browse and search websites related to Scotland’s people and history.

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library which was founded in San Francisco in 1996. It is the largest and most comprehensive web archive in the world, known for its extensive global collection of archived web pages through its Wayback Machine. While its coverage of the Web is much broader than nationally-focused web archives, it may not have archived websites in as much depth as web archives with a more specific focus.

Do you have a BL login? Consider resetting your password on other accounts

The BL says: ‘As our systems remain unavailable, you won’t be able to change the password you have used to access British Library services. However, if you use the same password to login to other, non-British Library services we recommend that you change it.’

Many thanks to our colleagues at the Bodleian Library who originally created much of the above guidance.