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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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The Pratchett Project

A collaboration between researchers and librarians from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin; Senate House Library, University of London; and Liverpool University.

About the Pratchett Project

Trinity College Dublin launched The Pratchett Project in 2018, when researchers from diverse fields of study came together to showcase the range of projects that were springing from the comprehensive collection of Terry Pratchett’s work held by the Trinity College Library and celebrating Pratchett’s connection with Trinity College Dublin. Since then, the project was bolstered by interest from the two other comprehensive collections, at Senate House Library in London and University of Liverpool. Yet more connections have been made with teams of researchers at Peter Pazmany Catholic University in Hungary, and more than sixty more universities around the world, working in fields ranging from English literature to theology, digital humanities to law, translation to anthropology.

Watch Professor Sir Terry Pratchett's Inaugural Lecture "The Importance of Being Amazed about Absolutely Everything" at Trinity College Dublin (4 November 2010):