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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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Plan S

A guide to the Plan S initiative for Open Access publishing

Routes to Open Access

All articles which are based on research funded by Plan S funders must be made Open Access immediately upon publication. There are three methods available to make your work Open Access, each of which are described below.

To check whether you can publish in a particular journal while complying with Plan S, use the Journal Checker Tool:

Open Access Journals

Publish your article in a fully Open Access journal or on an open access platform.

To find an appropriate Open Access journal, you can search the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) here.

Some Open Access journals require a fee to publish an article (usually known as an Article Process Charge or APC). Members of cOAlition S have pledged to provide financial support for article in fully Open Access journals, so APC costs can be covered by your funder.



Publish your article in a subscription journal, and then deposit either the final version or the author's accepted manuscript (AAM) in a repository.

This method means that you can publish in almost any journal, as long as you deposit your AAM in an Open Access repository immediately. TCD researchers can deposit their publications in our institutional repository, TARA. To learn more about TARA, please visit our TARA guide.

Some publishers would usually require an embargo period to pass before you can make your AAM Open Access in a repository. Plan S has developed a Rights Retention Strategy which supports you to make your work Open Access immediately, even if your publisher would usually require an embargo. To avoid an embargo, you should include the following information when you submit your article to a journal:

  • Name of your funder and your grant number
  • Text to indicate that any AAM arising from the submission is already licensed CC BY. For example: “This work was funded by [funder name] [grant number] For the purpose of Open Access the author has applied a CC BY public copyright licence to any Author Accepted Manuscript version arising from this submission.” Check your own grant agreement or the cOAlition S organisations implementation webpage for details.

You can read more about the Rights Retention strategy on the next page.

Transformative Agreements

Publish your article as an open access publication in a subscription journal as part of a transformative agreement.

A transformative agreement is an agreement between a library or library consortium and a publisher, which aims to move away from subscription-based access to publications, and towards Open Access publishing. You may also hear these agreements referred to as Read and Publish agreements.

The Library of Trinity College Dublin is part of the IReL consortium, which currently has a number of transformative agreements with publishers, including:

You can read the full list of publishers here.

In most cases, these agreements will mean that you can publish an Open Access article in one of the publisher's journals, and any Open Access fees will be covered by the agreement. Please see the list of IReL agreements for the full details of each of these deals.