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Conspiracy theory definition

Conspiracy theory

Noun. A belief that some secret but influential organization is responsible for an event or phenomenon.

Related terms: cloak-and-dagger, plot, circular reasoning, cognitive bias, fake news, propaganda, fallacies

All about conspiracy theories

What's your favourite conspiracy theory film?
All the President's Men: 0 votes (0%)
Enemy of the State: 1 votes (33.33%)
JFK: 0 votes (0%)
Conspiracy Theory: 0 votes (0%)
The Da Vinci Code: 0 votes (0%)
The X-Files: 1 votes (33.33%)
The Manchurian Candidate: 1 votes (33.33%)
Moonwalkers: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 3

Conspiracy theories in the news

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