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Trinity College Dublin, The University of Dublin

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The Pratchett Project

A collaboration between researchers and librarians from Trinity College Dublin, the University of Dublin; Senate House Library, University of London; and Liverpool University.

Senate House Library (London): The Colin Smythe/Terry Pratchett Collection

The Colin Smythe/Terry Pratchett Collection at Senate House Library comprises over 3,000 items, including all his novels; first editions, in print and audio, translated into more than 40 languages and for different markets; posters; letters; annotated typescripts of his works; news cuttings; adaptations of his works as computer and video games; television, radio and stage productions; original illustrations for both novels and video games; as well as many ephemera that depict the worlds he recreated in his books. The collection is still growing, as new material arrives from Colin Smythe, Pratchett's first publisher and literary agent, who has donated most of the items to SHL.

Library of Trinity College Dublin: The Terry Pratchett holdings

Trinity's holdings represent a near-complete archive of Pratchett-related publications with an emphasis on worldwide materials. UK-published books are received under legal deposit; American editions, all translations, audio books and computer games are donated by Colin Smythe, while Library staff also curate a special Pratchett collection within the UK Web Archive hosted by the British Library. At least one recent publication of each of Pratchett’s main works (in English) has been received as an e-book under the UK’s Non-Print Legal Deposit Regulations. The catalogue records identify all known translators, co-writers, editors, and artists, applying identity management (authority control) methods to integrate well with linked data environments.

Sci-Fi Library at Liverpool University

[Description forthcoming, holding text below.]

The University of Liverpool Science Fiction Library contains a (near-)complete set of all Pratchett publications, including the translations. Uniquely, this collection is situated in the wider context of one of the best dedicated libraries to science fiction and fantasy writings.