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Open Educational Resources

Why adopt OER in Teaching Practice?

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OER from Trinity College Dublin

We have some home-grown examples of OER in Trinity. If you have any OER which you would like us to showcase please contact your Subject Librarian.

Research: (new course soon to be released!) Research Integrity and Impact in an Open Scholarship Era. Watch here for release updates.  Documentation about the project can be viewed at our institutional repository, TARA.

Geology: Virtual Microscope: Irish University rocks collection (TCD in partnership with UCC, NUIG and UCD)

Education: Family literacy and Home Learning (language and creativity)

History of Art and Architecture: Gothic past - an open-access resource for the study of medieval Irish architecture and sculpture. 

OER and Teaching Practice

Here are some guides to help you use OER in your teaching practice:

1. A critical component of Open Education is co-operation and collaboration. The value of OER is amplified by the adaptation and development of resources. Learn more about Open Education Practices and Open Pedagogy.

2. Defining and using Open Pedagogy in your classroom: What are your hopes for education, particularly for higher education? What vision do you work toward when you design your daily professional practices in and out of the classroom? How do you see the roles of the learner and the teacher? What challenges do your students face in their learning environments, and how does your pedagogy address them? 

3. OER and OEP in Irish Higher Education: examples and resources

Open textbooks and MyReadingList

This short video (mins. 4.40) discusses recent research on the effectiveness of OER (specifically, Open textbooks)  in teaching and learning in higher education.

To access the full research by Hilton et al. click on SPARC Open Education Research Studies Bibliography located under the Resources and Examples tab in the menu.

Trinity’s online Reading List service

Trinity’s online Reading List service, “MyReadingList@TCD” is a useful place to showcase OER. This dynamic system, which can also be accessed on the University's virtual learning environment (VLE) BlackBoard, allows students to access library and other content. In turn, students can also create/co-create content for sharing. See our support pages for more information or contact your Subject Librarian.

Watch our short video (3.44 mins.) on how to add an Open textbook to your online reading list:

OER - getting started

Take a look at the Locating OER tab on the main menu for search options. A quick entry point is OER Commons which offers multiple resource options.

Two other recommended quick routes to finding material are:

Take a look at Irish University Association's' EDTL webinar where instructors discuss (specifically at min. 26:52 - 31:26)  issues around choosing quality resources and how to evaluate them.

  • Evaluate the resource
  • Look at permissions for use.  See under Using OER - the 5 Rs for more information.
  • Adapt and work within permissions.
  • Create a new OER - if no useful resources exist.  Learn how through Open Learn:  Creating OER course
  • Share with others