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Find the best library databases for your research.

New / Trial Databases

The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.
BHA and RILA cover European and American visual arts material including articles from over 1,200 journals. These citation databases, searchable together, cover material published between 1975 and 2007.
BHA includes articles from over 1,200 journals. BHA includes all articles within the subject scope of BHA regardless of the subject focus of a particular journal. Thus, many of the journals on this list are covered partially, as only some of their articles are within BHA's scope.
Access to the International Bibliography of Art (IBA) is provided through ProQuest and can be accessed via our list of databases.
From the terror of the Black Death to the drama of the Norman invasion, Manchester Medieval Sources Online brings alive the reality of life in the medieval world through these first hand accounts, many translated into English for the first time. The collection is also unique in providing extensive introductory and explanatory material which will enable a beginner in the area to understand the variety of interpretations the sources have had, and any linguistic problems that have been controversial.
Essential E-textbooks such as "Towns of Italy" and "The Reign of Richard II: From minority to tyranny 1377–97" can be found in this collection.
New Trial
RetroNews is the French national library’s platform dedicated to historical printed press. It offers a vast online archive of French and francophone periodicals. Our collection features over 1 500 newspapers, journals, magazines and reviews, published between 1631 and 1951 : the most important titles of the daily press (Le Petit Parisien, Le Journal, Le Matin) but also periodicals of the political spectrum, regional publications and satirical magazines.
Every month RetroNews enriches its archive with new exclusive titles in order to gather a large plurality of sources covering all of France, including its former territories, from the first newspapers up until the 20th century.
In addition RetroNews offers introductory notes on its periodicals, daily editorial content and advanced research capabilities.