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Project overview











The Library is delighted to announce that we will be carrying out refurbishment works from Monday 17th October 2022 to install new access control gates at the Berkeley, Lecky, Hamilton and John Stearne Medical Library entrances. The aim of the project is to provide seamless access to Library spaces for staff and students, while also improving the security of Library collections and enhancing the look and feel of Library entrances. When the new gates are installed, readers will simply need to present a valid physical ID card or scan their Trinity Live app to gain automated access to the Library.

The project will involve the temporary phased closure of each entrance, but all libraries will remain open throughout, with access provided via alternative entrances. All efforts will be made to minimise disruption and to have all entrances re-opened in advance of the assessment period.

We'd like to take this opportunity to thanks colleagues in Estates & Facilities and IT Services for their ongoing assistance with this project.

The table below outlines the relevant dates and locations for the works. If you have any queries, please contact 

Programme of Works

**Entrance reopening dates are subject to change**

Library Entrance

Main Entrance Closes

Alternative Entrance

Main Entrance Reopens


Berkeley Library

Monday 17th October

Lecky Library entrance

Friday 28th October

The Berkeley foyer (including the Librarian's Office and toilets) will be fully closed during this period.

John Stearne Medical Library

Tuesday 18th October

Door to the left of the main Library entrance

Tuesday 15th November

Signage will clearly mark the relevant entrance point

Hamilton Library

Wednesday 19th October

Door on the upper level of the Hamilton Library (located on Floor 3 of the Hamilton Building)

Monday 14th November

The alternative entrance is accessible by stairs or lift

Lecky Library

Tuesday 1st November

Berkeley Library

Monday 21st November

All spaces within the Lecky Library will remain accessible during the works


What does the installation of new access control gates mean for me? 

When the new access control gates are installed, you will need to present your University ID card to the touchpoint on the relevant turnstile pedestal or scan the Trinity Live App on the top surface of the pedestal to gain access to the Library. You will also need to go through the same process when exiting the Library.  

The date on my ID card has expired.  Will I be able to access the Library? 

If you are still registered as a staff member or student of the University, the system will grant you access even if the date on your ID card has expired. However, staff and stduents are required to hold valid ID when entering the Library so we strongly encourage you to replace expired cards.   


Do I need my card or Trinity Live app to leave the Library? 

Yes - you will need to present your University ID card to the touchpoint on the turnstile pedestal, or scan the Trinity Live App on the top surface of the pedestal to enter or leave the Library.


Q I’ve forgotten my ID Card, what do I do? 

Students can scan the Trinity Live app if they forget or lose their ID card. More information on the app here:  

If for any reason you can’t download the Trinity Live App, or are having difficulties using it, please speak to a member of the Library security team for further assistance.